The Blessings of The Sun


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Site Identification & Land Acquisition

After an Inspection and Noting the particulars of your Rooftop / Ground our team proposes a design layout based on structural calculations and other important measures for a working systems.

Infrastructure Development & Liaisoning

Complete End-to-End solutions are offered including Pre-Feasibility Analysis, Economic Feasibility Analysis, Technical Assessment, Solar Farm Site Evaluation and Selection, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and Grid Connectivity along with Permits and Regulatory approvals.


Financing Assistance

We arrange the finances  & other resources necessary to build your power plant. To carry out your work with the Government or Non-government sector, basis on your need, we shall give our best services for the same.


Design & Engineering

Design optimization includes:

  • Selection of solar components for maximum power
  • Optimum string and array design
  • Shadow analysis for optimization of array layout
  • Optimization of cabling, junction boxes and control rooms
  • Designs for lowest LCOE and higher ROE after a thorough study of the long-term energy prediction analysis


Engineering :

A core team of in-house design experts uses cutting-edge software to design the layout and choose the best technology for a solar farm.

Equipment Procurement and Supply

Equipment Procurement : Access to the best technology solutions is facilitated and wide experience across a global supply chain and long-term component  techniques optimize resources. The best and reputed vendors are selected by the Procurement team. Materials are checked for quality at works premises of the respective vendors by procurement team before delivery. Procurement team gives the permission to supply and go ahead for the materials for installation purpose at site after verification.



Erection & Commissioning

A Combination of Quality, Design, Engineering, Timely procurement and efficient execution makes our Erection and Commissioning solution a world class

Power Generation / Evacuation

Our team of Experts than take care of remaining process of Grid connectivity along with monitoring Power Generated with Evacuation process. This will help in meeting ultimate Goal.

Comprehensive Overheads & Maintenance

The services we offer are interconnected and are a part of an optimized energy solution package. Comprehensive operation and maintenance for the entire cycle of plant with limited warranty.  Sol power will be responsible for the engineering, the procurement and the construction (EPC) of the solar power station and will also provide full operations and maintenance (O&M) activities by Tightness of Mechanical Assemblies, Verification of designed protections, ensuring proper Earting and Grounding.



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