The Blessings of The Sun


E Brochure

Area Convertor


1440 square inches

10 square feet

1.111 square yards

0.929 square meters


Carbon Emission


i.e. 1 Kg  is equal  to  2.2046 Lbs


Electricity Calculator

The "unit" used for electricity (kWh) is actually a unit of "energy" whereas the Watt is the unit of power.


And Energy = Power* Time. (Watt*hours)


Every electrical equipment/appliance has a wattage that gives us a measure of the "Rate of electrical energy consumed by it",


i.e. how much energy does it continuously consume to do work in a given period of time.

Therefore, We Pay for the "energy" that we consume at our home. Our equipments consume this energy at different rates.


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